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Downloads and FAQs
Downloads and FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

It is recommended that you download the CarPlayer program from here as it will install in the Programs folder and create a shortcut on the desktop.

Q: My netbook does not show the bottom of the car player and I am unable to get to the settings because I cannot see them. When I 
     scroll down and try to click, the player goes back up so I cannot access them.
A:  Download the A1crl for Netbooks on the left. When you run the program, it will put an icon in the bottom right where the time clock
      is. You can change the video settings there. When finished using the player, you can close out this program. 

Q: What is the CD for that came with the system?
A: It has a copy of the Operation manual in PDF format and the Car Player Program
    on it as well. I strongly suggest you that you copy the Car Play Folder to your desktop
    or other location on your computer then open it and run the car player from there. If 
    you run it from the  card and do a format, the system will not work because it cannot
    format itself properly and copy the system files needed to operate the camera.

Q: Do I need to format the card or hard drive that comes with the dash cam?

A: Yes. Before you use the media for storing the videos you will need to format it. 
     Except for the VC-100 that uses the CF card. It comes ready to use. You must format any new card that you buy,

Q: My Compact Flash came with some video already on it. Is this a used product?
A: No. All systems are tested at the factory for quality control prior to shipping.

Q: I want to put a bigger Media card in my system but it is not working.
A: You must format the new card and any cards in the player software. It will not 
     work in the system until you do so.

Q: Can I format the card  or Hard Drive using Windows?  

A: No. You have to use the carplayer software on the CD or you can download it on the  
     left  of this page. 
     Insert the card in the adapter or if you computer has a built in reader that is fine. 
     Open the Car Player software.
     Click on the tools tab. 
     Click Format, then browse, then select the drive letter of the  card. 
     Then click on Format. 

Q: The time and date is not correct that is embedded in the video. 
A: You must put the  card in the supplied reader and open the Car Player 
     software. Then click on the tools icon and select the synchronize option. 

Q: I syncronize the time but it is still not showing the correct time on the files.  VC-100 units only Others are GPS synced by time zone.
A: When you sync the card at the computer, you will need to power up the dash 
     dash cam until it boots up and the orange led is no longer lit. The dash cam has 
     succesfully read the card and updated the time. 

      You might want to set your computer
      a few minutes ahead to cover the time between sync and boot up if desired.

Q: When I open the player I do not see any recordings.

A: You have to select the path of the  card by going through My Computer and 
     click on the drive letter that is the  card.

Q: Does the car player software work on a Mac?
A: At this time it only works on a PC running Windows.

Q: Can I wire the unit direct to the fuse panel?
A: Just be sure to include a fusible link in the connection for safety. And the cameras that are 5 volt MUST be wired using the 
    Power adapter that came with the camera.
 Some cars have USB 5v power connections in them for cell phone charging. That
     connection will work as well. Or you can get a y splitter for 12v power outlets, cut one pigtail off and wire it into the box then plug
     the 5v adapter into it.  We have those available for sale.

Q: When I backup a video on my computer, it will not play because the file extension
      is .rec or .sd

A: When you backup to your computer click the down arrow 

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