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Video Samples
Video Samples

Dash Cam Video Samples 

Please select the camera on the left that you would like to view video samples of.

As with all cameras, you can set different levels of video quality to meet your needs.
Highest uses more disk space. Unless you are going to view the video on a large screen you will probably not notice much difference between the highest and the next level down.
These are actual videos from each camera taken while driving my car. For the night videos I did not try to pick some ideal area with good lighting.
I drove down streets with only my headlights as well as some streets with a few street lights. 
I try to provide video of what you can actual expect from the camera.
Some claim to have "night vision". Those little leds on each side of the lens in front.
IR reflects off glass and will glare. Even reviews state as much.
A camera is going to require external lighting if it is sitting behind glass, that is all there is  to it.
Some can have lower lux than others. But they still will need lighting.

We know that some would like to have a video file of the entire CarPlayer with the GPS tracking and Speed as well as all the information in the player.
The only way this is possible is to use a video screen capture program to record the entire player.
We have found a nice program that is free to download that allows you to size the window that is being captured.
It is a free download here and there is a pro version for the low cost of $15 per year if you prefer more options.
The free version will capture a file up to 15 minutes in length with several file type options. Most users will want to use the .avi option.
The program is easy to use and does a very good job. 

You will resize the window after placing it over the car player by using your mouse to click and hold one of the square boxes in the corners or between the 4 corners till you have the size of the window set to record what you need. Then just hit the record button. There is a 3 second countdown to give you the chance to hit the play button on the carplayer and start the file. 

To end the recording, just click done. Then click on publish to video file. Select the video type, (.avi suggested). Click save video, choose where to save it and the name you want to use. 

Now you have a video of the entire car player with the GPS and speed information as well. 
Here are some sample videos with the player in it.

For your convenience we have made it available to download on our site as well under the download link. You can also click  here.

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