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VC250 Video

VC-250 HD Dash Cam Video Samples 

Our latest Dual Camera Version Available Now

Here is a Video Sample of the Front Camera VC-250HD Dash Cam Day Driving

Be sure to set the highest video quality.

Night Driving with the VC-250HD Dash Cam

I will include a clip on the freeway and another in town. I just picked a time frame and did not try to find the most lit area or drive through a well lit area like some vendors may do. I want a typical video that shows the quality of the camera on average. I will also include a clip of the inside camera that records the audio. You can turn off the audio or backup without it. But I wanted to demonstrate the audio quality as well.

Night Video on the Freeway
I apologize for the blinking lights. That is The VC-150HD Dash Cam that I use in my car. I moved it down to the center of the windshield to plug in the VC-250HD for getting test video.  You would not have that in your videos. 

Night Video in Town with the VC-250HD Dash Cam


Interior Cam Video at Night with the VC-250HD Dash Cam
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